GeoDesy Laser Links Full-Duplex 1.25-Gbps

Geodesy FSO

Laser links or Free Space Optics (FSO) transmit modulated laser beams through the atmosphere to achieve network connectivity between two points.

FSO links use laser light to transmit data between two transceivers, but uses the atmosphere (free space) instead of a glass strand found in fibre cables. In order for a laser link to transmit and receive data properly, clear line of sight must be maintained. This means no obstructions from buildings, foliage or other potential sources of interference.

GeoDesy offers a comprehensive range of FSO products capable of transmitting up to 1.25-Gbps full-duplex.

Unlike wireless and microwave links, FSO links do not add additional overheads to packet transmission so Gigabit full-duplex throughput is achievable.

GeoDesy products have an increased reliability when compared to standard laser link products via a number of technical innovations. These include the ability to install a backup wireless link for increased uptime, auto-focus lasers to compensate for bad weather, and an automatic adjustment system that continuously keeps the laser in an optimal position. Laser links can provide an excellent cost-effective alternative where full-duplex Gigabit is a must.

Key features

  • 1-Gbps full-duplex network throughput
  • Free space, wireless communication
  • Industry standard fibre-optic interfaces
  • Local or 802.3af power options
  • Licence-free operation
  • Quick installation and re-deployment
  • Optional redundant wireless link as backup
  • Compact system design
  • Secure data transmission
  • Built-in signal monitoring
  • Auto-tracking and auto-focus models available


  • Emergency backup
  • Interconnect different office blocks on/off campus
  • Industrial environments
  • Temporary installations
  • Replace lower speed leased lines or radio links


  • Giga PX1000 (20-400m)
  • Giga AF (100-500m)
  • Giga AT-1200 (up to 1200m)
  • Giga AT-2400 (up to 2400m)

If you would like more information on whether a laser solution is right for you, please contact us directly on email or by phone.

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