• Gigabit Wireless Links

    The ever-increasing need for more network bandwidth has fuelled the demand for Gigabit network connectivity.

    Wireless Edge Networks offers a variety of licensed and unlicensed Gigabit wireless link products from leading vendors.

    Achieve multi-gigabit connectivity with carrier-grade reliability.

    Our gigabit wireless links are quick to deploy and can be easily relocated.

    Achieve total cost of ownership without recurring leased line costs.

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Our Service Offering

Wireless Edge Networks offers a range of gigabit wireless links that offer:

 Multi-gigabit network throughput, up to 10Gbps full-duplex.

Up to 99.999% carrier-grade reliability.

Low latency.

Adaptive modulation for increased distance and availability.

Power over Ethernet connectivity for ease of installation.

→ Licensed and unlicensed options.

→ Installation and commissioning services.

Wireless Edge Networks is your Gigabit Wireless Solution Provider


We offer a diverse range of products to suit all customer needs. We also offer full turnkey solutions, ranging from hardware supply, installation and ongoing support. We also handle any ACMA licences in-house.


We offer competitive pricing on all products and services. Partner pricing and flexible pricing models .e.g. CAPEX/OPEX are available on all of our solutions.


All of our products and services come with best-in-industry reliability guarantees - up to 99.999% up-time on wireless bridges. Our products are tried and tested and we are more than happy to provide customer references.

Recommended Products


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Siklu offers E-band (70/80 GHz) and V-band (60 GHz) short-range Gigabit wireless point-to-point links with unmatched performance and total cost of ownership.

SIAE Microelettronica

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SIAE Microelettronica is internationally renowned as a leading provider of the most innovative and best performing microwave radio and wireless network solutions. With over 60 years of experience and a vast portfolio of products deployed in more than 60 countries, SIAE Microelettronica is able to meet customer demands with leading edge licensed microwave radio products whilst maintaining high quality and value for money.

Bridgewave Communications

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BridgeWave Communications provide fibre-equivalent connections between locations by transmitting data over microwave or millimetre wave frequencies at gigabit speeds with the advantage of add/drop data ports, and optional wire-speed AES encryption built-in. Extend network operator fibre to provide high-capacity access and backhaul, and extending enterprise LANs between sites.