• Outdoor Wireless Mesh

    A wireless mesh network delivers a scalable, self-healing network made up of wireless nodes.

    Each node negotiates a connection with neighbouring wireless nodes to form a single backhaul network.

    Mesh networks are an ideal solution for providing ad-hoc Wi-Fi connectivity in large outdoor environments where cabling is not readily available or too costly to install.

    Minimise the cost of deploying Wi-Fi into public areas by reducing data cabling requirements.

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Our Service Offering

Wireless Edge Networks offers a comprehensive range of products and services suited to outdoor wireless mesh deployments.

→ Unlicensed and licenced microwave backhaul utilising the latest technologies.

On-site Wi-Fi survey and planning services.

Installation and commissioning services.

Ongoing support and maintenance options.

Seamless integration with existing networks.

Solar trailers and skids.



Wireless Edge Networks is your wireless mesh provider


Wireless Edge Networks has extensive experience deployed wireless mesh solutions. Our specialist knowledge of wireless technology allows us to dig deeper to realise the full potential of your new or existing wireless network. 


We offer competitive pricing offered on all products and services.


Our extensive portfolio of outdoor wireless mesh and wireless backhaul solutions means we can offer end-to-end connectivity solutions that can be tailored to specific challenges.