Artbank – Wi-Fi design, implementation and configuration – Cisco Meraki

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Artbank, the largest collector of Australian contemporary art, was looking for a Wireless solution provider to craft an end-to-end Wi-Fi solution which would enhance their customer experience and leverage the latest available technologies to provide customer insight, simplify management and stream-line costs.

Artbank, an Australian Government Initiative

A moving collection…

Artbank is a one of a kind, Australian Government support program that acquires the work of living, Australian contemporary artists, making its collection available to the general public through a leasing program.

Comprised of some of the best examples of Indigenous and non-Indigenous cultural expression, Artbank has grown from a mere 600 works to be one of the most significant collections of Australian art in the world, with in excess of 10,000 works across medium, by over 3000 artists.

With one hundred percent of the leasing fees going back into supporting artists, Artbank has a mandate to support and promote Australian contemporary art.  Artbank actively collects, commissions, curates and contributes to the visual arts ecosystem, and has been collecting, curating and promoting the value of Australian art for over 30 years.

Customer Requirement

Artbank was opening a new facility in Sydney to display works of art available via their leasing program.  They wished to provide Wi-Fi access to their website where perusing customers could look up additional details about the works of art they were viewing, as well as have access to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to allow customers to raise the profile of Artbank via social media.

Artbank also required an end-to-end solution as they do not have an internal IT organisation.  They needed a solution provider whom they could trust to provide an elegant solution they could understand and manage, and a partner who could provide a professional installation which is unobtrusive and allows their potential customers to focus on the art on the wall, and not the Wi-Fi access point on the ceiling.

• Elegant yet discreet Wi-Fi solution befitting an art gallery;

• Ability to control internet access and only allow guests to access specific sites;

• Simple to manage without costly IT support overheads;

• Full end-to-end installation & commissioning.

artbank wifi

DigitalAir Wireless Solution

We provided a full end-to-end solution for Artbank, backed with our 100% Wi-Fi coverage guarantee.  Our solution included;

• On-Site Wi-Fi survey to identify ideal Wireless access point locations for maximum coverage;

• Installation, including cabling, physical mounting, and WLAN commissioning;

• Customized splash page with Artbank logo and profile, incorporating their unique Terms & Conditions;

• Walled Garden internet access;

• A Wi-Fi solution based on Cisco Meraki MR18 Dual-Radio Wireless Access Points.

Our solution has enabled Artbank to provide interactive services to their visiting customers, as well as raise their on-line profile, and thereby contributing to their ability to market their unique services on-line.

The deployed Meraki solution continues to aid Artbank in understanding their customer base with CMX (Connected Mobile Experiences).  CMX displays real-time location statistics to improve customer engagement and loyalty.  Data collected by the Cisco Meraki MR18 wireless access points is synced and accessed via on-line cloud portal and available via a friendly and intuitive dashboard, revealing visitor traffic trends, dwell time, and new vs. repeat visitors.

artbank mr18