Infinet InfiLINK XG

InfiLINK XG is InfiNet’s most recent addition, boasting the best-in-breed spectral efficiency, higher-than-ever-before processing power and distance vs performance ratio. Reaching a peak of 480 Mbps of net throughput in 40 MHz of spectrum and more than 100 Mbps in only 10 MHz, it is the highest performing Point-to-Point system available in the marketplace today. 


→ Up to 480Mbps network capacity.

→ 1,000,000+ packets per second forwarding rate.

→ Up to 1024QAM modulation.

→ Up to 13bps/Hz spectral efficiency.

→ 10, 20 and 40MHz channel sizes.

→ Integrated dual-polarisation flat panel antenna or connectorized options.

→ PoE out and SFP connectivity.

→ IP-67 rated.