• Public Wi-Fi

    Wireless Edge Networks brings an extensive portfolio of Wi-Fi products and services suited for public Wi-Fi access

    Create avenues for additional revenue through marketing and brand awareness.

    Understand customer footfall and repeat visitor trends to determine peak visitor rates.

    Provides a public good for visitors and better connect with your local community.

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Our Service Offering

Wireless Edge Networks offers an extensive range of Wi-Fi products and services for public Wi-Fi environments.

→ Our solutions utilise the latest in location and presence analytics to analyse customer behaviour and footfall.

Integration of marketing portals to monetise your Wi-Fi and increase ROI.

Multiple sign-on options such as vouchers, SMS authentication, social login, click through content filtering options available.

→ Customisation of splash page designs to new or existing brands.

→ Flexible usage plans with billing options.


Wireless Edge Networks is your Public Wi-Fi partner


Our team has extensive experience deploying public Wi-Fi into public venues such as parks and communal facilities. 


We offer customised solutions that can be tailored to your existing brand, with flexible user sign-on methods.


We offer an extensive range of outdoor-rated Wi-Fi access points and wireless backhaul solutions. This means we are well placed to provide extended Wi-Fi connectivity into areas that cannot be reached via cabling.