• Laser Links

    Laser links or Free Space Optics (FSO) transmit modulated laser beams through the atmosphere to achieve network connectivity between two points.

    Unlike wireless and microwave links, FSO links do not add additional overheads to packet transmission so Gigabit full-duplex throughput is easily achievable.

    Laser links are not affected by radio interference, so they are an ideal solution for high-speed point-to-point connectivity in areas with known radio interference.

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Our Laser (FSO) Links

Wireless Edge Networks offers a diverse range of laser links operating up to 2km.

Key features include: 

→ 100Mbps and 1-Gbps full-duplex network throughput

→ Local or 802.3af power options

→ Licence-free operation

→ Quick installation and re-deployment

Optional redundant wireless link as backup

→ Auto-tracking and auto-focus models available


Wireless Edge Networks is your laser links provider


We offer a diverse range of products to suit all customer needs. We also offer full turnkey solutions, ranging from hardware supply, installation and ongoing support.


We offer competitive pricing offered on all products and services. Partner pricing and support is available on all of our solutions.


Wireless Edge Networks has a dedicated support team for faults and issues, whilst utilising an extensive partner network for localised support services.

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Established in 1996, and recognised as a leader in laser FSO connectivity, Trimble FSO provides optical communications which operate license-free.  With products capable of sending up to 1 Gbps full duplex of data, Trimble offers reliable, high-speed connectivity without the need for expensive physical fibre.


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