• Hospitality Wi-Fi

    Our hospitality Wi-Fi portfolio covers an extensive range of specialised Wi-Fi access points and gateway solutions suited for hotels and dormitories.

    Attract more guests/longer stays and maintain reputation and brand.

    Increase revenue extraction from Wi-Fi by offering premium packages to customers.

    Seamless user on-boarding by integrating directly with hotel PMS systems.

    Manage Wi-Fi bandwidth properly to stop network abuse and excessive usage.

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Our Service Offering

Wireless Edge Networks offers specialised Wi-Fi products and services suited for hospitality environments.

→ Specialised Wi-Fi access points suited for hotel guest rooms and accommodation.

→ Customised captive portal pages that extend your brand and increase customer awareness.

→ Wi-Fi gateway solutions with two-way PMS integration.

→ Flexible billing options with customisable usage plans for visitors and guests.

→ Multiple sign-on options such as vouchers, SMS authentication, social login, click through.

Wi-Fi services such as on-site surveys, installation and commissioning.


Wireless Edge Networks is your hospitality Wi-Fi partner


Wireless Edge Networks has extensive experience deploying Wi-Fi solutions into the hospitality sector, ranging from small cafes right up to large hotel chains. 

PMS Integration

Extensive experience integrating Wi-Fi gateway solutions with hotel PMS systems with customised usage plans.


We can customise captive portal solutions, tailored to your existing brand. We can also customise the user authentication experience with various on-boarding and authentication methods.