• Wi-Fi Site Surveys

    Wireless Edge Networks offers an extensive range of Wi-Fi site surveys.

    Whether you have a new or existing Wi-Fi network, we can make sure you get the most performance out of your Wi-Fi network.

    Ensure your critical Wi-Fi applications work seamlessly and maximum network bandwidth.

    Identify RF interference and eliminate coverage holes.

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Pre-Installation Wi-Fi Survey

Our Pre-Installation Wi-Fi Site Survey is ideally suited to new Wi-Fi deployments.

Our pre-installation Wi-Fi site survey reports include:

→ Coverage heat maps showing Wi-Fi signal coverage with support analysis

→ Spectrum analysis, identifying and recording of RF interference.

→ Photos showing the physical location of wireless access points and antennas.

→ Full breakdown of Wi-Fi equipment.

Ensure new Wi-Fi access points are positioned correctly to get the best performance out of your new Wi-Fi network.


Post-Installation Wi-Fi Survey

Our Post-installation Wi-Fi Survey is conducted upon completion of a new Wi-Fi network installation and verifies the Wi-Fi coverage and capacity requirements of your new Wi-Fi network.

Our Post-installation Wi-Fi site survey reports include: 

→ Coverage maps analysis of Wi-Fi signal strength and SNR using specialised tools.

Fine tuning of Wi-Fi signal strength and channel selection

Spectrum analysis and interference measurements. 

→ Recommendations for performance and reliability improvements.

A post-installation survey from Wireless Edge Networks certifies our 100% coverage guarantee and gives you the assurance moving forward that your new Wi-Fi network has been properly designed for current and future usage.



Wi-Fi Heath Check Survey

Our Health Check Wi-Fi Survey is an ideal solution for existing Wi-Fi networks that are experiencing performance or reliability issues.

Our Health Check Wi-Fi Survey reports include: 

→ Coverage maps analysis of Wi-Fi signal strength and SNR to identify RF coverage dead spots

Spectrum analysis, identifying and recording of RF interference.

Network performance and throughput testing

Diagnostics of client-related Wi-Fi problems

→ Recommendations for fault resolution.

We will identify the root cause of common Wi-Fi related issues and will advise on a mitigation path towards resolution.


Wireless Edge Networks is your Wi-Fi survey partner


Wireless Edge Networks has over 15 years of experience delivering Wi-Fi surveys into a range of indoor and outdoor environments. This ranges from large office space, industrial areas, outdoor common areas and high density environments such as stadiums. 


Our specialist knowledge of Wi-Fi propagation allows us to deliver Wi-Fi surveys into challenging environments and troubleshoot complex issues affecting Wi-Fi performance and reliability.


Wireless Edge Networks offers a range of different Wi-Fi survey options, which can be tailored to your business requirements. We provide site survey for all the leading Wi-Fi vendors.

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