• Retail Wi-Fi

    Wireless Edge Networks offers a comprehensive range of products and services suited to the retail sector.

    Gather insights about customer shopping behaviours in real-time.

    Understand customer footfall and repeat visitor trends to determine peak visitor rates.

    Monetise your Wi-Fi network to leverage marketing and further brand awareness.

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Our Service Offering

Wireless Edge Networks offers an extensive range of Wi-Fi products and services for retail environments.

Our solutions utilise the latest in location and presence analytics to analyse customer behaviour and footfall.

Customisation of splash page designs that can be tailored to new or existing brands.

→ Integration with marketing portals to monetise your Wi-Fi and increase ROI.

Multiple sign-on options such as vouchers, SMS authentication, social login, click through.

Flexible usage plans with billing options.


Wireless Edge Networks is your retail Wi-Fi partner


Wireless Edge Networks has successfully implemented customised retail Wi-Fi solutions for various shopping centres and retail outlets, ranging from basic Wi-Fi services right up to cutting-edge solutions such as location-based analytics.

Location Analytics

Our proven track record and specialist Wi-Fi knowledge allows us to confidently design and implement Wi-Fi solutions utilising cutting-edge technologies such as location-based analytics and marketing-based portals.




Wireless Edge Networks offers an extensive portfolio of Wi-Fi products and services, ranging from site surveys, installation, cabling, brand customisation and ongoing support.